MR 4680

MR 4680

MR 4680

MR 4680


MR 4680

Sofa with "connections" ... ! Small sofa and add-on programme with 2- or 3-seater sofa, long chair, matching stools, square or rectangular, and beautifully shaped single-seater armchairs. The secret of its comfort: seat depth adjustment is standard. And for even more comfort, there's a comfortable footrest, headrests and cushions.

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Product overview & Finishes

Product overview

  • Corner solutions/ Add-on elements
  • Armchairs
  • Functions
  • Longchair/ Ottoman/ Divan/ Add-on chaise lounge
  • Stools
  • Cushion


  • Fabric cover
  • Leather cover


MR 4680
Operating instruction

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MR 4680
Emission class

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