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... forests are some of our most important and valuable natural spaces

They also play an imposrtant role in moderating the effects of climate change. This is because trees remove CO2, the number one greenshouse gas, from the atmosphere and break it down into carbon and oxygen. The carbon is stored in the trunk, roots, leaves and needles. This is why we need to protect our forests. You too can help: as part of an initiative sponsored by Musterring and the Project Auffortsung Stadtwald Zittau!

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A lot has already been accomplished thanks to the commitment of Musterring and its partners – yet these efforts must continue. Hopefully a large number of people will continue to be involved in this initiative.


Not only are private individuals called upon to act responsibly – companies are, too. Musterring and its partners have been actively supporting endangered woods and forests with donations since the early 90s. These measures are accompanied by the project Aufforstung Stadtwald Zittau. Woodland is not only one of the most important and most precious natural areas, but it also helps to reduce the effects of climate change, as trees absorb CO2 and permanently bind carbon. Musterring makes sure that all the wood it uses in the production of its furniture comes from controlled forestries. This ensures that enough new trees are grown and forests as a whole are preserved.



Bruno Höner, chairman of Musterring’s administrative board and patron of the environmental campaign “Klimaschutz zum Anfassen”, went to see the progress of a reforestation project for himself.