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Care and cleaning of fabrics
Musterring quality

Upholstered furniture basically needs to be cleaned regularly with a vacuum cleaner (upholstery setting) or brushed with a soft brush (only with the pile). This is important because even little grains of sand on the upholstery can quickly damage the fabric. It also prevents dirt from becoming too ingrained and in some cases beyond cleaning. It is not adequate, however, if the upholstery needs thorough cleaning or if stains need to be removed.

Don't let yourself be deceived by velours fabric! Over a period of time body pressure, warmth and moisture cause stain-like marks to form. In fact these are the "shiny" marks caused by use which are characteristic of velours. They are not wear and tear, nor can they be cited as a reason for a refund! It is precisely the light and shadowy areas that form in this way that give velours its particular charm.

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If a stain does appear on the upholstery, you should proceed as follows:

  • First, remove the dust before you carry out the preliminary test.
  • Now test the colour-fastness and the effect on the surface of the upholstery. Rub it with a soft clean white cloth which has been soaked in cleaning or stain removal agent in an area which is normally hidden from view.
  • Now leave the area to dry out well, before assessing it and proceeding to work on the real stain.