5 year's guarantee
Tested quality

The Musterring brand traditionally guarantees quality: Our materials and quality of workmanship are governed by strict guidelines. We give our customers a 5-year guarantee that is documented by the Musterring furniture quality passport.

Every range is supplied with a badge that gives the range name and code number and thereby shows that the customer has bought a unique product.

Also very important is design quality. Contemporary living is comprised of a variety of different styles; therefore aesthetics and good design are at the heart of our company.

Functional quality is a measure of the benefits provided by a piece of furniture. Massage functions in upholstered furniture and clever lighting systems in cabinetry are examples of highly-developed functionality which provide customer benefits.

All together this adds up to show the quality of Musterring furniture – the higher value of a reliable brand.

Furniture quality passport

Musterring furniture derives its quality from progressive and environmentally friendly production methods and materials.

The functions and materials of our models are tested by authorised test institutes in accordance with the DIN and RAL product guidelines of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. They meet the stringent requirements of German and EU directives.

Observing these important “Instructions for Care and Use” before and after your purchase, and using the items appropriately, will ensure that you can enjoy our products for many years.

Contact your furniture retailer, who will have given you the product information, this furniture pass and your contract of purchase when you placed your order, if you have to make a guarantee claimContact your furniture retailer, who will have given you the product information, this furniture pass and your contract of purchase when you placed your order, if you have to make a guarantee claim.

Musterring Guarantee

As the initial purchaser of our brand products, licensed Musterring retail partners will give you 5 years' guarantee on materials and surfaces, functional safety and appropriate manufacture of all our furniture in accordance with RAL-GZ quality and test conditions of the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V).

The guarantee includes the statutory 2 years' guarantee, applies only for new items, is not transferable, and includes the law of the spatial area of applicability on conclusion of the contract of purchase. No claims will be accepted outside this area of applicability. Third-party goods such as fitted sinks, mixer taps, kitchen accessories, electric motors etc. are covered by the respective manufacturer’s warranties or guarantees. Cover materials do not come under the guarantee, although a small number of them are covered by the respective manufacturer’s “special guarantee terms”. This guarantee does not affect statutory warranty claims such as supplementary performance, withdrawal or compensation.

Guarantee on carpets: 5 years (on presentation of the contract of purchase and guarantee certificate).


Quality Certificate  

Electrical installation
Electricity supply of furniture, applieances and buildings

The combination of furniture, appliance and building equipment offers you home living comfort par excellence.

The recommended dimensions for the control and connection technology are available in the planning and installation instructions.

The structural requirements for installations by electrical and sanitary specialists are to be completed before delivery and installation.


Electrical installation instructions