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    MR 4625 (DE/EN)

    Read the paper, relax on the phone or just simply do nothing!A relax chair that will delight you with excellent design and functional comfort. Choice of 3 sizes – S, M and L. The rest of the individually chosen programme consists of 3 backrest, 3 armrest and 4 leg versions. The manual relax function provides a relaxed position, with the option of a motorised version for even greater ease. Practical stand-up assistance can be integrated if desired.
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    MR 6060 (DE/EN)

    The end of the day ... off to the sofa! The snugly seat, relax back function and adjustable backrests provide pure relaxation. Two-seater sofas, 208 and 252 cm wide, plus a long chair side section, corner group, stool bench and cushions offer plenty of scope for personal arrangements. A chic swivel armchair nicely rounds things off.