Eighty years accomplished! Time for a quick look at the key stages in the development of the Musterring brand – in line with our motto of “Lots of tradition – lots of future”.

The years of the company‘s ascent are irrevocably bound to the story of the development of the Federal Republic of Germany. Today, Musterring is an internationally known and active furnishing brand that is quick to identify itself with its regional and historic roots.



Furniture architect Josef Höner founded the company as a 'ring of exemplary cooperation' - or, in short: 'Musterring'. The aim was to combine industry, retail and service in a strong service association under the umbrella of a single brand.


After a promising start, the Second World War led to years of forced interruption. During the post-war period, Josef Höner demonstrated a sense of pragmatism, designing, among other things, a sewing box. It was not until the currency reform of 1948 that an orderly resumption of business was possible.


A trend-setting conference in Boppard brought together old and new partners and laid the foundation for future successes. The M 49 model developed by Josef Höner was presented here for the first time, where it was enthusiastically received.


The CLUB add-on programme would go on to become the next big best-seller after the M 49 bedroom. Demand for both models was so great that existing production capacities could not keep up..


On the occasion of the exhibition entitled 'Everyone should live better' ['Alle sollen besser leben'], Musterring model M 49 was presented with the Grand Prix by Minister of Economic Affairs Ludwig Erhard for 250,000 models sold.


Internationalisation of the brand idea began. Austria led the way: the Harmath & Weilinger furniture showroom in Salzburg became the first Musterring retail partner.


With the emphatically straight-lined DUETT programme, Musterring struck the nerve of the times - another classic.


Bruno Höner, the company founder's son, took over management of the company. Under his leadership, the brand's position was strengthened further and international business be significantly expanded.


Signing of a cooperation agreement with the JFSA (Japan Furniture Sale Association), marking the beginning of cooperation with Japanese partners. The following year saw the establishment of a distribution network in Canada.


Musterring performed pioneering work with the establishment of its own test institute in Rietberg. The newly introduced 5-year guarantee offered customers a high level of reliability.


With its Active Line, Musterring targeted younger customers with a penchant for creative, unconventional furnishing solutions.


Start of a large-scale environmental initiative to save the Zittau Municipal Forest. To date, well over 50,000 new trees have been planted through donations provided by Musterring and its partners.


Beginning of the collaboration with Grundig; the first home cinema solutions are developed. A design study from the year 1997 is characterised by retracting flat screens - an absolute novelty at the time.


The Musterring Gallery opened - a specialist shop for furniture and living design in Rheda-Wiedenbrück.


Generational change: Bruno Höner passed active management of the business along to his sons Oliver, Hendrik and Alexander. He remained active on the company's Administrative Advisory Board, however.


With the Musterring Furniture Quality Passport, an extensive document was developed that documented and specified the terms of guarantee. There is also a great deal of further information, e.g. detailed use and care instructions.


'set one by Musterring' is introduced as a further development within the Active Line - a knock-down collection geared mainly towards the young and the young at heart.


A first bathroom collection is introduced with great success. Characterised by innovative materials and functions, the models meet all the requirements of modern oases of peace and well-being.


Musterring celebrates its 75th birthday - with Sky du Mont as brand ambassador. In 2013, 2014 and 2015, Stiftung Warentest selected a Musterring model as the test winner.


Beginning of collaboration with harman/kardon. The innovative media furniture Q-MEDIA quickly became a best-seller.


In cooperation with ARTUS Oberflächen Instandsetzung GmbH, the Living Warranty was developed, an all-round carefree package that goes far beyond the actual warranty declaration.