Musterring has represented quality for 80 years. But what exactly does that mean? In this article, we want to shed some light on the main aspects that speak for our brand. The chapter headings are formulated as questions – because as the customer, you should not hesitate to look closely at the various suppliers' performances, and perform a critical comparison. You can use this article as a kind of checklist.

It's worth comparing: 15 reasons to choose the Musterring brand

1. Does the furniture come with a 5-year guarantee?

At Musterring, a comprehensive guarantee has been a matter of course for decades. As the initial purchaser of a Musterring product, our licensed Musterring retail partners will give you 5 years’ guarantee on the material quality, functional safety and appropriate manufacture of all our furniture in accordance with RAL GZ 430 quality and test conditions of the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V).

We know from experience that for many customers, this guarantee is one of the most important considerations when making the decision to buy.



2. Do you receive non-binding advice from furniture specialist retailers?

Despite the increase in online furniture sales, most customers still appreciate personal advice when it comes to more complex compositions. Our licensed retail partners have trained furnishing consultants who will be pleased to help you on your search for your own, very individual dream interior.

3. Are all of the recommended prices and the full product information available on the website?

You will find a wealth of product-based information on this website. Just go to "Collection" and click on your chosen model, then click on "Details & prices" at the bottom of the screen – and you will see an overview with numerous options. 

The information includes a detailed list of prices and types for each product. It contains an overview of all the available individual types as well as the recommended retail prices, information on the available finishes or cover materials, suggested combinations and an explanation of the special technical features. You can simply download the document and print it off.

4. Is it possible to download all the assembly instructions and installation plans?

We offer assembly and installation plans for particularly complex models. These documents are also assigned to the various programmes on this website. And again: simply select the model of your choice and click on "Details & prices" at the bottom of the screen. You will find the assembly instructions under "Downloads" in the selection field on the left. The column "Infocenter" contains general information on electrical installations, which electricians can use for orientation prior to the assembly of the furniture.

5. Are you offered a CAD planning service so you can visualise your chosen furniture before buying?

You can use CAD (computer-aided design) to see your chosen interior on the screen before you make your purchase – from every possible perspective and view. This will give you a 3D effect of the new solution, and you can optimise the interior step-by-step and get it right the first time. This planning service is available for a whole range of Musterring living and bedroom programmes, and they are marked with the letters "CAD" in the sales documents. Visit your Musterring furniture retailer for advice – no obligation! Or contact our free planning service. Mrs. Holtkamp will be pleased to explain how it works.

E-Mail: i.holtkampDYXV KEJImusterringCZYW LFKJde

6. Are the products, dimensions and load values ideal for the integration of the standard range of entertainment electronics?

Modern home cinemas are absolutely on trend. The perfect ensemble of large screen, audio system, media furniture and comfortable seating elevates watching TV to a very special kind of pleasure. Providing, of course, the components all go together, and are technically and functionally well planned. When designing our media furniture, we make sure that all the usual standard entertainment electronics integrate perfectly – often completely out of sight. Speakers disappear behind sound-permeable materials, while intelligent cable guides keep order inside the furniture.

7. When you buy the furniture, are you given a document like Musterring's Furniture Quality Passport that contains all the guarantee conditions as well as lots of important information (e.g. instructions for use and care)?

Musterring's Furniture Quality Passport was introduced in order to provide the contractual partners with the maximum amount of safety when buying furniture. It is presented by the furniture retailer along with the contract of purchase, and should be kept in a safe place. The document not only describes and specifies all the details of the 5-year guarantee, but also contains lots of tips on how to use and care for the furniture correctly, and how to help it retain its value.

8. Are the models produced in accordance with the DIN and RAL quality guidelines of the German Furniture Quality Association (Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e.V. – DGM)?

One of the conditions for membership of the DGM is that all the prescribed standards and guidelines, which go beyond the minimum legal requirements, are met in full. DGM experts carry out regular quality checks in production to make sure that the quality guidelines are observed.

9. Are all the functions and material areas of the models checked by authorised test institutes, such as TÜV Rheinland or the Landesgewerbeanstalt Bayern (LGA)?

Back in the 1970s, Musterring set up its own test institute to enable it to assure the quality of its furniture in its own meticulous tests – a pioneering achievement at the time. Today, we work with authorised test institutes who perform this task comprehensively, and who guarantee the neutrality of objectivity of the checks.

10. Are the materials used environmentally friendly and safe to health in accordance with the quality and test conditions of the DGM?

The importance of "healthy living" is constantly increasing. Furniture production should be safe for the environment and for the user's health. The DGM co-operates with e.g. RAL (founded in 1925 as the "Reichs-Ausschuss für Lieferbedingungen – National Committee for Delivery Conditions"). RAL creates recognised quality seals such as the "Blue Angel" that are presented only when objective criteria are observed. Consumers can use these quality seals for orientation when making their purchase decisions and so – as in the case of the Musterring models – be sure that the products meet the most stringent standards for health and the environment.

11. Does the furniture bear the DGM emission label?

Any materials that are used indoors should emit as few harmful substances as possible. In order to present the burdens from harmful substances transparently, a circle of experts from the DGM has developed the first emission label for furniture in co-operation with leading test institutes. It distinguishes between four emission classes (A – B – C – D), with the worst category (D) meeting the legal requirements for formaldehyde. All of the Musterring designs tested so far have complied with the DGM's award requirements and achieved emission class A, the highest of the four possible classes.

12. Do you have a collection of care products for all cover and surface materials that has been tested and designed specifically for the product characteristics?

If you want to enjoy your furniture for a long time, then you should provide it with regular care. It is important to use the right care product for every material. Fabric is not the same as leather. And pigmented leather is not the same as untreated leather. So we offer an extensive collection of suitable care products, which you can order here.

13. Will functional fittings still be available years after the purchase or when the design has been discontinued?

What to do when a replacement is needed for the original fitting of an item of furniture that has long been discontinued? In most cases, we will be able to find a replacement fitting that is the same as the original in construction or function and that will solve the customer’s problem.

14. Is a customer services department available to deal (by phone or email) with general questions?

Our Service department is available to deal with any questions concerning the collections, quality, information materials and contract suppliers. It is available from 08.00 - 17.00 on +49 5242 592 260. Of course, you are also welcome to contact us by email:

15. Do you have any quality representatives available to deal with questions concerning quality, technology or service?

Our quality representatives will never leave our customers out in the rain when they are needed. In the event of any questions concerning quality, technology or service please contact serviceDYXV KEJImusterringCZYW LFKJde