Like something out of the Arabian Nights! Sofas, armchairs, cupboards and tables by themselves do not create a feel-good atmosphere; it takes a rug or carpet to bring together the furniture and room in a harmonious, comfortable whole. It is the icing on the cake! The hand-made rugs and carpets in Musterring's Oriental rug and carpet collection are woven or knotted from high-quality materials. Timeless designs in delightful colours, with finely matched shades or in strong compositions that are full of character, build the magic bridge between wall, floor and interior. Available in a wide range of standard sizes or made to measure.

Product overview & Finishes

Product overview

  • Gewebte Teppiche
  • Handgewebte Teppiche
  • Handgeknüpfte Teppiche


  • Baumwolle
  • Schurwolle
  • Viskose
  • Polyester