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So small, so smart, so cleverly designed! This deluxe item of media furniture in elegant frosted glass requires little in the way of space, but provides plenty in return. All the media technology is contained under the fold-down cover panel, in large Soft-Close drawers and cable channels. The support for the TV can be fitted with a swivel arm if desired. The sound add-on, which is optionally available with a soundbar cover and coloured trim, keeps the tones sweet. Indirect dimmable lighting, white or coloured, shows the "soundtrack" in the right light. Supported by smart, strong runners, this technical spatial miracle gains additional ground clearance.

Detail pictures

Product overview & Finishes

Product overview

  • TV-Lowboard mit Klappe
  • TV-Lowboard mit Schubkasten


  • Glas weiß matt
  • Glas grau matt
  • Glas schwarz matt
  • Kufe, chrom glänzend
  • Kufe, schwarz matt
  • Grifflos
  • Alu-Winkelgriff



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Assembly instruction

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