Sofa beds

MR 880

Wonderful - transforms in three ways! Elegantly understated, thanks to the gracefully shaped metal legs, this straight-lined, beautiful sofa bed almost seems to float in the room. With the three-way adjustable back, it instantly converts from the comfortable sitting position into the pleasant relax position. In the folded-down lying position with a surface of 130 x 200 cm, it is a comfortable bed - and will provide a good night's rest for two as well! The matching add-on stool offers relaxation for tired legs and can also be used as a generous storage surface. Contrasting back and side cushions provide pleasant comfort and add a charming touch of colour.

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Product overview & Finishes

Product overview

  • Sofa bed
  • Stools
  • various leg options
  • Cushion


  • Fabric cover