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  • Drehtürenschrank 6-türig, Korpus Dekor sand, Front Außentüren Sandglas, 2 Spiegelmitteltüren, Frontgestaltung: pro Tür vier Zierleisten oben und unten, ca. B 298, H 222, T 63 cm
    Simply the greatest

    Clothes. Bed linen. Towels. These three things have a lot in common. They are indispensable, should always be at hand and unfortunately take up a lot of space. Chaos quickly reigns in the bedroom. That's not really comfortable. Fortunately, we have the perfect solution for you. Our spacious COVELO bedroom wardrobe not only looks good, but also offers plenty of storage space for everything you need in your bedroom. Whether as a 4-door, 5-door or 6-door, the COVELO bedroom wardrobe is quite simply the greatest for us, also thanks to its modern design and practical mirroring!

    COVELO - the order makes the look

    In the bedroom we want to come to rest and relax. Chaos is just a nuisance. That's why we have developed a clever storage solution with the COVELO closet, in which everything from bathrobes to bed linen to cocktail dresses is exactly where it belongs. Experience the fine mechanics of the sliding doors, discover compartments in completely different sizes and lighting that bathes your bedroom in atmospheric light. COVELO by Musterring offers you all this and much more.


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