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  • Eckschrank_Kombination, Korpus/Front: Lack Bianco weiß, matt, Fronttyp: Q, Schenkelmaß: ca. 260 x 390 cm, best. aus: 1 x 50er Startelement (Q2121), 1 x 100er Anbauschrank (Q2221), 2 Türen und 4 Schubkästen, 1 x 100er Anbauecke (Q2211), 1 x 100er Anbauschrank (Q2280), 1 x Anbauregal in Lack matt (2040), 1 x 50er Anbauelement (Q2028), 1-türig, schräg, 2 x 80er Anbauschrank (Q2279). Zubehör: 2 x Tiefenkürzung, 2 x Schrankabschrägung seitlich.
    For real variety in the bedroom

    The perfect partner not only looks good, but also impresses with its inner values. Sounds too good to be true? It's not. The best proof is the furniture from our AIRLINE bedroom programme. Models such as the wardrobe in a sophisticated lacquer and glass look not only offer an appealing aesthetic, but also plenty of space for clothes, bathrobes or towels. Need even more storage space? Then take a look under the comfortable upholstered bed in the range. A bed drawer is waiting here to safely store covers, fitted sheets, pillows and blankets. Tidiness can be so nice.

    Discover furniture with character

    Wardrobe AIRLINE

    Wardrobe AIRLINE

    One for everything

    A storage space miracle and design object combined in one piece of furniture: AIRLINE is so much more than just a bedroom wardrobe. Intelligent functions such as height-adjustable clothes rails, folding wardrobe doors and the illuminated interior make this model a real must-have for anyone who wants to bring order to chaos and at the same time values an appealing look. But see for yourself!


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