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  • Ecksofa (90073) bestehend aus Longchair long maxi, Armlehne 1 links, ca. B 20 cm, Anreihsofa 2,5 sitzig, Armlehne 1 rechts, ca. B 20 cm, Stoff Picasso jeans (PG 3, 100 % Polyester), Metallfuß (245) schwarz, matt, ca. 286 x 200, H 87, SH 47, T 94, ST 57 cm. Zubehör: Armlehne 2 klappbar, ca. B 20–23 cm, Multifunktionskopfstütze. (76700), ca. L 50, B 27, T 20 cm, Flatterkissen klein (77120) ca. L 55, B 55 cm, Stauraumfunktion im Longchair (61451), Querschläferfunktion im Anreihsofa 2,5 sitzig (22503)
  • MR 375
    When the sofa thinks with you

    Do you like to have a choice? Freedom of choice, a design with character and comfort are important to you? Then we would like to introduce someone to you: The new MR 375! Because with this sofa program, false compromises are a thing of the past. Here you can choose from completely different elements and extras, use intelligent comfort functions and indulge in your dreams on the high-quality fabric covers. Our tip: Discover the optional cross-sleeper, which transforms into a cozy lounging area within seconds. Simple. Comfortable. Musterring.

    Interior worlds: Discover furniture with character

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