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  • 3-seater sofa with footstool at end, armrest on left (C90L), approx. W 270, H 87, SH 46, D 103 cm, 16050 blue fabric (JAB 1, 61% polyacrylic, 32% polyester, 7% viscose), metal base (F C3), M 99 black metallic colour base version, upholstered
  • MR 9310
    Rocking into the evening

    Rocking makes you happy! The gentle back and forth relaxes the muscles, promotes sleep and can even relieve pain. So why do most people stop rocking as soon as they reach adulthood? Maybe it’s just time to get to know our stylish MR 9310 armchair and its special talent for movement!

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    MR 9310 rocking chair

    MR 9310 rocking chair

    Rocking chair 2.0

    The cubic MR 9310 armchair is a worthy successor to the classic rocking chair, as thanks to its rocking function, you can rock all the day’s worries away. Even the footstool moves with you! Watch our short video to see the rocking chair in action.


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