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  • Ecksofa (Vorschlag 1A) bestehend aus Longchair groß (K140L), Armlehne links, ohne Sitztiefenverstellung, Anreihsofa 2-sitzig (ML14R), Armlehne rechts, mit Sitztiefenverstellung, Leder Z 69/28 blue night (LK 50), Metallfuß (F C3), M56 bronze, ca. 338 x 160, H 84, SH 44, T 104, ST 63/81 cm. Zubehör: Kopfstütze (U92), ca. B 64, H 26, T 15 cm, 2 x Seitenteilverstellung (SV1), 2 x Nierenkissen (UN70) ca. B 68, H 27, T 9 cm
  • MR 2340
    The most beautiful way to relax

    Everyone needs a place where they can rest and recharge their batteries. Our sofa series MR 2340 brings everything you can expect from a high-quality upholstered furniture with a guarantee of relaxation: a great look, strong functions and a unique seating experience. If we take a closer look at the model, it quickly becomes clear that these are not empty promises!

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