MR 370

Comfort zone to switch off! Spring core or PUR foam, permanently elastic base suspension and an ergonomically shaped back – it's true: once you've sat down in this lavishly upholstered add-on group, you just won't want to get up again! You can put your feet up on the long chair, and with the relax function glide gently into the desired position at the touch of a lever or button. With the seat grid in three widths, all of which are compatible with each other, the MR 370 adapts happily to any scale.

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Product overview & Finishes

Product overview

  • Sofas
  • Armchair
  • Stools
  • Corner solutions/ Add-on elements
  • Longchair/ Ottoman/ Divan/ Add-on chaise lounge
  • Functions
  • Armrest variants
  • various leg options
  • various seating qualities
  • Cushion


  • Fabric cover
  • Leather cover


MR 370
Operating instruction

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MR 370
Emission class

Information on the emission class