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In Zittau, we have planted around 130.000 trees to date. This saves 1.300 tons of CO2 per year.

A brand with environmental awareness

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How we protect the climate and the environment

Heart project forest reforestation

It's not enough just to talk about climate protection and sustainability - action is needed! We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and are actively committed to greater sustainability. That is why we pay attention to resource-conserving production without long supply chains or warehousing. And that is why we have been supporting climate-friendly reforestation projects for decades.


Planting trees for climate protection


    The amount bound in the trees far exceeds the CO2 emissions at the Musterring locations in Rheda-Wiedenbrück and Rietberg.

  • 10 KG CO2

    On average, a tree binds this amount through its own growth in one year.

  • 130.000 TREES

    To date, Musterring has planted around 130.000 trees in the Zittau municipal forest. This binds 1.300 tons of CO2 every year.


    Important for the climate: trees absorb CO2, which is largely responsible for the greenhouse effect, and convert it into carbon and oxygen.

  • FOR 30 YEARS

    Musterring has been committed to the environment for a long time. With our reforestation projects in Zittau, we are among the pioneers of the sustainability concept.

"Sustainability is not a trend, but a tradition. We have been planting the future for over 30 years."


Preserving nature, shaping the future

Our project for sustainability

Preserving nature, shaping the future

Our project for sustainability

We have been supporting the Zittau municipal forest, Saxony's largest municipal forest area, since the early 1990s. For decades, the tree population had suffered from the emissions of surrounding industrial plants and lignite-fired power stations. A sudden drop in temperature finally dealt it a fatal blow: two thirds of the 4,500-hectare forest suffered severe damage. Zittau should have a healthy mixed forest again by 2025 - This is the ambitious goal, which requires the continued support of committed partners. Just recently, Musterring promised the city support for another 10 years. We all benefit from this!


Make a contribution...

Make a contribution... preserve the region and actively help protect the climate as part of the "Zittau City Forest Reforestation" campaign. Even a small contribution helps us to sustainably reforest and protect Germany's largest contiguous urban forest. Musterring has been supporting the campaign as the main sponsor since 1992. Please send your donation to:


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