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  • KARA-FRAME living room furniture | Musterring
  • Spare parts and repair service for your Musterring furniture

    Our furniture is robust, durable, and will last you many years. And we know that your favourite couch or bedroom wardrobe has a special place in your heart. To ensure that you can keep loving your furniture for a long time to come, we offer a large selection of spare parts and accessories for your furniture. And in case something goes wrong, our regional service partners will ensure quick and professional repairs.

    • Chair glides

      Do you need new felt glides for your Musterring chairs? We work with a partner company that specialises in supplying these wear items. You will find the suitable spare part for your Musterring in the felt glide shop. 

    • Furniture fittings

      Do you need a fitting for a discontinued piece of Musterring furniture? Often, we are able to supply hardware for furniture (e.g. hinges, gas pressure dampers or steel cables), at least in a structurally identical form, even many years after the model has been discontinued. Please send us an e-mail, preferably with a photo and the dimensions of the required item. Any further information about the product, such as a purchase contract, would be advantageous.

    • Repair service

      We work with a number of experienced service providers who can reliably repair damage to your furniture. If you are in need of repairs, please contact one of these service providers.