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  • MR9120 sofa | Musterring
  • Your confidence is our most important resource.

    From the initial idea, to the selection of materials, to the integration of clever functions: furniture from Musterring embodies timeless design and uncompromising quality. As our customer, you can always depend on us to fulfil the highest standards in the development and production of our products. Part of our quality promise is a five-year guarantee on our brand-name furniture. This guarantee is proof that we not only aim to meet our customers’ expectations, but to exceed them. Because you can expect more from Musterring.

    First place for best product quality

    In times when brand values, quality and longevity are becoming increasingly important, we are particularly pleased to have been awarded first place in the furniture category in this year's study by Deutschland Test in cooperation with Focus Money on the topic of "product quality". The rating and ranking agency ServiceValue conducted an online study with over 200,000 consumer assessments of more than 1,400 companies and brands in 83 categories. The study assessed product quality based on customer judgements in the period from March to April 2023. A ranking of the best providers was created, whereupon only the brands with the best score received the "test winner" or "1st place" award.

    "We claim to be the quality leader in our segment and are therefore really pleased to receive this award. The first place confirms that we are continuing our brand policy with a focus on quality and value for money. Also, or rather especially with 80 years of experience in the furniture industry, we consistently make sure that the quality of our products and the associated longevity have top priority for Musterring."

    Alexander Höner

    Five-year guarantee on your Musterring furniture

    As the original purchaser of our brand-name products, you will receive a five-year guarantee on the material and surface quality, functionality and manufacturing quality of all models purchased from licensed Musterring retail partners – in accordance with the RAL-GZ 430 Quality and Test Regulations of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel e. V. (DGM).

    This guarantee includes the statutory warranty of two years, only applies to new products, is not transferrable, and is limited to the geographic scope of the applicable law at the time of purchase. Guarantee claims outside of this scope are excluded. For merchandise such as built-in sinks, mixer taps, kitchen accessories or electric motors, the statutory warranty and the guarantee of the respective manufacturer shall apply. Upholstery materials are generally excluded from the guarantee, although “special guarantee conditions” from the respective manufacturer may apply for a select few. Statutory warranty claims, such as rectification, withdrawal or compensation, are not affected by this guarantee.

    In the event of a guarantee claim, your direct point of contact is the furniture store from which you received the product information, the Musterring Quality Pass, and the contract of sale at the time of purchase.

    The Musterring Quality Pass

    The Musterring Quality Pass

    When you purchase a piece of Musterring furniture, you will receive a Musterring Quality Pass from your interior design consultant. This comprehensive document outlines the five-year guarantee, and contains detailed instructions on the use and maintenance of your product and other useful information. The precise regulation of quality and responsibilities fosters security and trust.


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    Long-standing service community

    Long-standing service community

    In 1938, furniture architect Josef Höner bundled the services of designers, manufacturers and retailers under one roof: a shared brand named Musterring. This pioneering collaborative system is more relevant today than ever: our brand-name products are manufactured under licence by selected, highly-qualified manufacturing companies, in accordance with our design and quality requirements.


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