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  • Küche MR 220, Front weiß seidenmatt (451), Korpus weiß (116), Sichtseiten, Wangen und Sockel weiß seidenmatt (516), Griffleiste weiß (985/420), Arbeitsplatte Vulcano weiß (949), ca. H 2,5 cm, Gesamtmaß ca. 240 x 240, H 238 cm, 2 x Kücheninsel, je ca. 180 x 115, H 91 cm, verbunden mit Thekenarbeitsplatte Concrete anthracite (898), ca.  250 x 59, H 9 cm
  • Kitchens for all who want more than a kitchen

    Will you settle for no less than the best? Is a kitchen more to you than a place to cook, eat and store food? Then we have just what you need: current designs, fresh colours, high-quality materials and clever functions. Design your very own dream kitchen, where you can live, get creative and feel thoroughly at home.

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    Musterring kitchens are characterised by their functional design and outstanding level of quality. Due to their many design options, they are also a fairly complex product. In order to tailor the product range precisely to your individual needs, a professional consultation is necessary.. You can count on it: the following retailers not only offer our kitchens for sale; you will also find experienced professionals to support you every step of the way.