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  • Musterring furniture quality pass

    Everything about the 5-year guarantee and more

    We attach great importance to the flawless quality of our products. That is why we introduced a 5-year guarantee at an early stage to offer our customers maximum security. When you buy Musterring furniture, you will receive the Musterring furniture quality pass as part of the purchase contract. Please keep it in a safe place, as it not only contains a precise regulation and explanation of our 5-year guarantee, but also valuable information on the use, cleaning and care of our furniture. The furniture quality pass ensures that qualities and responsibilities are clearly defined.


    to the quality pass 

    An indispensable document

    Why is the furniture quality pass so important?

    Firstly, it sets out in detail the conditions under which our 5-year warranty applies, who you can contact in the event of a warranty claim and what you need to do.

    It also contains a wealth of other useful information. The topics are sorted alphabetically - from A for discoloration to Z for certificates.

    Under "Cover materials" you will find important information on fabric and leather care. Not an easy topic, because not all fabrics are the same and not all leathers are the same. We explain how the many variants differ from each other and which care product is suitable for which cover. Under "Surfaces", we explain the differences between the various furniture surfaces and provide valuable care tips.

    It's best to browse through the quality passport yourself in a quiet minute and get an overview of the many interesting contents.