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  • This is Musterring

    We are excited to introduce you to a world where your living dreams become reality. With us, you don't just find furniture; you discover design pieces that bring life to your space and express your personality.

    At Musterring, we believe that your home is more than just a place – it is a reflection of your soul, a sanctuary that tells your stories and houses your dreams. Every piece in our collection – from sofas to wardrobes – is carefully selected and designed to offer you quality, functionality, and above all, individuality.

    Our brand promise:

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    Our brand promise:

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    Every person is unique. We believe that this should be reflected in the home, as the goal is to create a place where the self can unfold. A place that is as unique as its owner. A place that says: you are home. That’s why we focus on customizable solutions. Whether you're a fan of clean, modern lines or cozy, traditional design: at Musterring, you can find and live your own style.

    Sustainability is close to our hearts. We are proud to offer individual furniture that is not only durable and aesthetically pleasing but also made with consideration for our environment.

    Customizable Furniture

    Find your personal interior style!


    Design your own furniture, whether it's an armchair, sofa, table, or TV wall. You can choose your favorite furnishings from a variety of options, colors, and materials. At Musterring, you can let your creativity run wild! Learn more about the Musterring principle here.

    The Musterring Principle

    Musterring: home since 1938

    Craftsmanship in perfection.

    Uniting extraordinary design with the highest quality materials to create a wide range of premium furniture: That has always been the Musterring principle. Your individuality has been at the center of our work from the very beginning. Join us on a journey through time here.

    Musterring's History

    Living, but sustainably

    A brand with environmental consciousness.

    When you've found your absolute dream home, you want to keep it forever. That's why our furniture is of the highest quality and particularly durable. Furthermore, we are committed to sustainable projects. Since the 1990s, we have been planting trees to offset today's CO2 emissions. Additionally, we prioritize resource-efficient production without long supply chains or storage. Learn more about our climate projects.

    Our Environmental Projects