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Long-standing service community

Long-standing service community

In 1938, furniture architect Josef Höner bundled the services of designers, manufacturers and retailers under one roof: a shared brand named Musterring. This pioneering collaborative system is more relevant today than ever: our brand-name products are manufactured under licence by selected, highly-qualified manufacturing companies, in accordance with our design and quality requirements.

  • Musterring

    Furniture architect Josef Höner established Musterring in 1938, and the brand has stood for quality ever since. The company is now active in more than 25 countries. The extensive collection offers versatile furniture solutions for virtually every living space, and can be perfectly adapted to individual requirements.

  • Set One

    Young, creative, stylish – fitting descriptors for the set one brand, which was founded in 2008 by Musterring. The furniture is available without a long wait and is aimed at anyone who likes to have fun with trendy living ideas. The products can now be ordered conveniently from your own sofa via an online marketplace.

  • Gallery M

    Where design lovers get the most bang for their buck: the markedly linear products from our brand, GALLERY M branded by Musterring, are inspired by the minimalistic chic of Italian design. Thanks to their high quality, the furnishings have everything they need to become trusty companions and part of the family.

No place in the world is as important to us as home. Home is where we feel safe, and where we enjoy spending time with our loved ones. A suitable interior design is key to our well-being. Our family of brands encompasses a broad spectrum of tastes and living styles. Every brand has its own history and profile. Which one is best suited to you?