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  • Vorschlag 9260 in Eiche Bianco massiv best. aus: Drehtürenschrank 6-türig, ca. B 302, H 223, T 60 cm, Liegenbett, 180 x 200 cm, 2 Hängekonsolen, je ca. B 60, H 24, T 43 cm
    Natural ambience with a guarantee of relaxation

    It's not just the cozy bed that lures us into the realm of dreams with its warmth. Rather, it is the entire ambience, the addition of pleasant materials, colors and textures, that makes us rest night after night. Hardly any material is more sensual than solid wood: it connects us with nature, documents the life story of trees, smells of forest and freedom. Our ANCONIA bedroom is available in solid alder or oak. Two alternatives, one effect: the bedroom is transformed into a place of deep relaxation and comfort.

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