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    Restorative sleep requires a reliable foundation – in the fullest sense of the word. Only the careful combination of mattress and bed base will provide the perfect rest. With their functional and microclimatic properties, the sleeping products from our ORTHOMATIC 2.0 range provide outstanding comfort. Practical pillows and toppers are also available. The extent and flexibility of this product range is so great that anyone can find the exact solution to suit their individual requirements.


    When it comes to unbeatable comfort, there’s nothing like a mattress topper.. When placed on top of the mattress, it fine-tunes the comfort experience to your personal preferences. Our ORTHOMATIC 2.0 series comes in four different variants: two cold foam toppers, one topper in highly adaptable visco foam, and one topper in porous gel foam. The selection is as big as the difference you will notice in your sleep!

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    Pocket spring mattresses

    Admittedly – the name of this mattress type may make you scratch your head, but the peculiar name conceals a simple principle: the inside of the mattress consists of barrel-shaped steel springs, which are individually sewn into pockets. The springs only compress where pressure is placed on the mattress. This structure improves air circulation and optimises the sleep climate. ORTHOMATIC 2.0 offers a choice of five pocket spring mattresses.

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    Cold foam mattresses

    These mattresses are made of a foam that hardens at low temperatures. One of its advantages is excellent moisture wicking, as the porous structure of the material improves air circulation. The cold foam mattress only compresses under pressure, conforming to the shape of your body when you lie on it. Our ORTHOMATIC 2.0 series features five different cold foam mattresses.

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    Slatted bed bases

    Everyone knows how important the mattress is when it comes to comfort. But do we give as much thought to the slatted bed base? Hidden from view, it’s easy to overlook. However, it’s just as important for a restoring night’s sleep! ORTHOMATIC 2.0 features six high-quality slatted bed bases that cover every need, are variably adjustable, and are even available in an extra long length of 220 cm.

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    Taking the best of the best: well-designed comfort systems

    Sleep better: the pillow trio

    Sleep better: the pillow trio

    Here is something to make your sleep as comfortable as possible – a cosy pillow from our ORTHOMATIC 2.0 series, characterised by a high-quality finish and optimal ergonomics for your nape, neck and head. Choose from three attractive options: a viscose foam pillow, an eco-friendly, organic cold foam pillow, or a highly breathable and durable cold foam pillow. All three variants are height-adjustable from 8 cm to 10 cm with an additional piece of foam. Now nothing stands in the way of a good night’s sleep!


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