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  • Wohnwand (66654), Asteiche (PG 2), Griffe und Füße anthrazit (Z2), ca. B 323, H 192, T 49 cm. Zubehör: 1er-Set LED-Strahler (8942), 3er-Set Glasbodenbeleuchtung (93999), TV-Halterung (91195), Repeater (8189), Funkfernbedienung (1757)
    All-rounder in a solid wood look

    Some furniture systems are so flexible that they easily adapt to any floor plan. The best example is our extensive KIANA series. It not only impresses with its planning versatility, but also brings an extra portion of cosiness to the living and dining room with its high-quality solid wood fronts. Could you be won over by a warm, natural feel-good atmosphere?

    Living room
    Dining area
    Working area
    Customised designs

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