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  • Einzelsessel (M85) Kopfteilverstellung manuell (Standard),  Leder Z 75/36 camouflage (LK 60), 5-Sternfuß (F U1) in M99 schwarz, ca. B 90, H 106, SH 48, T 96 cm. Zubehör motorische Verstellung
  • MR 2342
    Comfort has a name

    Dates. Stress. Everyday life. Sometimes life keeps us on our toes. So it's all the more important that you treat yourself to moments of peace and relaxation. We want you to really enjoy these moments. With the MR 2342, we have therefore developed a model that combines the features of a comfortable armchair with the comfort of a sofa. This is made possible by smart functions such as a motor-adjustable reclining surface and a headrest that can be individually adjusted to your needs. See for yourself!

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