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  • Corner suite, comprising: Modular sofa, 2.5-seater (2.5L) with adjustable armrest on left, optional WallAway function, single-motor (WA1, 2.5 LW), rounded corner piece (right), modular sofa, 2.5-seater, fold-out footstool on right (1.5AhoF R), side length approx. 273 244, H 91, D 92, SH 44, SD 53 cm, 2 headrests, approx. W 64, H 25, D 16 cm (headrests) adjustable in height and angle, Solea stone fabric (VZ PG 20), (NS: 100% polyester, GS: 65% polyurethane, 35% polyester), aluminium metal foot
  • MR 250
    Our all-rounder

    As we all know, anticipation is often the best type of joy. Even an exhausting day is easy to get through when a really comfortable sofa is waiting for us at the end, inviting us to put our feet up and enjoy the end of the day. This is a sofa range whose multiple functions really make sitting a pleasure.

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