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  • Ecksofa (Vorschlag 3A), bestehend aus Canape X (CanXL), Armlehne links, Anreihelement ohne Armlehnen (2,5EL), Spitzecke (SE), Anreihsofa 1,5-sitzig mit Anstellhocker rechts (1,5AhoR), Leder Cloudy smoke (PG 60), Armlehne A, Metallfuß schwarz (W010-M01), ca. 173 x 354 x 217, H 85, SH 46, ST 54 cm. Zubehör: Rücken echt, Kopfstütze (KSG), Armlehnenverstellung (AV), Canape motorisch (CanXMoLiL), Querschläfer im Anreihelement (2,5AEL), Liegefläche echt
  • MR 285
    The king of comfort

    To ensure that our clothes fit well, we have a choice of different sizes. We also want our sofa to fit us perfectly - which is why the MR 285 series is available in two seat heights, and with the motorized seat pull, further adjustments to body size are possible. Put together a tailor-made dream set entirely according to your needs from a huge selection of building blocks! Also on offer: clever comfort functions that make sitting a real pleasure.

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    Sofa MR 285

    Sofa MR 285

    Relaxing for advanced users

    When a sofa has as many tricks up its sleeve as the MR 285 model, pictures say more than a thousand words: our video vividly demonstrates the entire repertoire of feel-good functions with which this comfort-conscious couch sweetens your evening after work. The signs are clearly pointing to relaxation!


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