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  • Relaxsessel M mit motorischer Verstellung, Leder Dickleder nero (PG L), Rücken C, Armlehne 3, Sternfuß 909 schwarz, matt, ca. B 79, H 117, SH 48, T 91–169, ST 53–100 cm
  • MR 376
    Sitting becomes lying

    For many of us, the end of the day doesn't really begin until we've made ourselves comfortable on the sofa or in the TV armchair. With our MR 376 armchair, the order of your after-work rituals could quickly change: The first reach is no longer for the remote control or the wine glass, but for the hand switch that sets the motorized or partially motorized relax function in motion. Then the chair's leg rest glides gently upward while the back reclines - until your ideal position is reached.

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    Armchair MR 376

    Armchair MR 376

    Goodbye everyday stress!

    Even at first glance, our MR 376 armchair looks super comfortable, but its true talent is only revealed in full action. Our video shows what happens when the motorized relax function is activated by hand switch. Wouldn't you also like to glide into the end of the day this way?


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