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  • MR 300 Sofa (90238, Vorschlag 2), bestehend aus Anreihsofa1-sitzig mit Armlehne links, Zwischenelement groß mit Tisch/Steckdose/USB, Tischplatte schwarz, Anreihsofa 1-sitzig mit Armlehne rechts, Stoff Savanna grey (PG 2, 100 % Polyester), ca. B 220–234, H 107, T 96–174, SH 46, ST 56–108 cm. Zubehör: Kopfteilverstellung manuell, Relaxfunktion teilmotorisch oder motorisch, Armlehne 2, klappbar, Metallkufe schwarz, matt (447)
  • MR 300
    High backrest, maximum comfort

    Another long and exhausting day at work? Don't worry, the happy ending is fast approaching and your sofa is already eagerly waiting for you at home. With a sofa from our MR 300 upholstered range, the end of the day becomes a special pleasure - thanks to the extra high backrest and many ingenious comfort functions. Almost like being on an aeroplane: take a seat in first class, put your feet up, close your eyes and send your mind on a journey!

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