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  • MR 4615
    A sofa for life

    The sofa and us - a relationship that we fall in love with every day. Because sofas like the MR4615 are like a partner that accompanies us for many years. It is always there for us, adapts to our wishes and provides support when we really want to let go. And: It also looks great! So when can our MR4615 move in with you?

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    MR 4615

    MR 4615

    Clever comfort

    Whether you want to relax alone with a good book, receive guests or enjoy time with the family: Our MR4615 sofa can be adjusted to any situation in seconds. Adjustable headrests and back cushions are combined here with a motor-adjustable seat depth for even more comfort. Particularly practical: with just a few flicks of the wrist, this sofa converts into a sofa bed. Guests are welcome to stay longer.


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